In just 7 minutes we can identify security gaps in your network by comprehensively simulating the latest types of attacks and providing actionable insights for remediation

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Unique Benefits

Discover if your company infrastructure is secure from the latest cyber threats


You are just 7 minutes away from knowing if your network is vulnerable to the latest threats

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Over 43 percent of business reported security breaches in the last 12 months



The number of significant data breaches that occurred to businesses last year


Cyber crime has exceeded $500 Billion in damages worldwide this year

Can Your Network Withstand The Newest Cyber Attacks?

How It Works

In order to ensure organizations are protected against the latest cyber security threats, we simulate attacks to uncover vulnerabilities and suggest measures to take before a real attack can take place. Safely run from the internet, our battery of simulated attacks causes no interruption to your operation or business productivity.

Mitigate attacks before they happen

Plug & play solution - easy to deploy and use

Eliminating false positives

Simulation as a service - no hardware required

Remote test your entire security regime

Immediate results anytime - 24/7/365

Audit your security products - Maximize your ROI

Fully automated - Continuous testing & improvement


Immediate Threat Alert

Test your organization's security against clear and present cyber danger


Insure your email system can withstand significant attacks

Web Gateway & Browsing

Test your HTTP/HTTPS outbound exposure to malicious websites

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Test your WAF security posture to web payloads and protect your web apps


Assess employee awareness of phishing campaigns with advanced simulations


Test your SOC team awareness using our intuitive GUI and attack correlations

Hopper - Lateral Movement

Test your Windows domain network configuration

Data Exfiltration

Test your outbound critical data safely before sensitive information is exposed

Endpoint Solutions

Test if your endpoint solutions are tuned properly and protecting against the latest attack vectors

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